How to Install Composer on Ubuntu 19.04 Step By Step

PHP composer is a package management system for PHP and it helps you easily install libraries which you can use in your PHP development work and you can easily distribute the set of libraries to other people very easily as well.


Composure  is a dependency manager for PHP it enables us to download packages from the web straight from our terminal it also has its own auto loader to enable Auto loading.


  • If  you want  to Install  first you need to  shell access to a running ubuntu system with the sudo privilege.
  • You must also be installed and configured higher  version of php.

1. Install Composers on Ubuntu

To install  on ubuntu system we need to download  composer executable and put it under the bin directory.


$ curl -sS | php



$ sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer 
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/composer


After installing  of the composer on your system  now you type composer at the command prompt .It shows  your version details along with option s available with composer command.

$ composer



2. Upgrade PHP Composers on Ubuntu-:

You can download  the latest version by executing the  same commands use for installation . the composers also has facility to  update itself.

$ composer self-update

All Done Enjoy 🙂

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